Yes, Really.

A Word About Pricing.
How Do We Do It?
We often get asked why our training is less
expensive than other training in the marketplace.
You see, there is absolutely no way that training
fees alone can support the level of research, field
work, process development, and testing that has
gone into producing the number one training
process and the top performing F&I departments
in the US and Canada. Process development is
science, not theory. That’s why all of the F&I
training in the marketplace today is either licensed
or copied from our earliest menu versions. To
provide any meaningful development, companies
would have to sell products or charge exorbitant
prices to support it. Fortunately, in 1992, the
Summit Group already had the research and
process development infrastructure in place,
supported by major industry entities, to create an
independent company dedicated to the interests of
the automobile dealer without the constraints of
product bias influence or budget constraints. Our
pricing is subsidized by our other activities within
our corporate group to allow us to provide the
very best programs, processes, and training staff
to the dealer at a very low cost. We work for you.
The Top Producing F & I
Training Program And Process
In The US And Canada At A
Special Price.
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Online Training $199.00
Get started today with our online training that has
everything you need to get started and also includes a
complete 2008 compliance guide, updates, and has no
time restrictions to complete or review.
In Dealership and Private
Starting at $2500.00 (one day)
Bring America's highest dealer rated F&I Trainer, George
Angus, to your dealership or private training. Includes
complete training program, dealership consultation,
evaluation, and ongoing assistance.
The top performing process.
The lowest price. C'mon, Really?