George has been referred to as an "F&I Guru" or the "Father of F&I Menus"
in various trade publications for his ground breaking work in introducing
F&I Menu processes nationwide in the early 1990's. However, George
would be quick to point out that everything he teaches comes directly from
research and hard work with the top performing F&I managers in the
country for the last 16 years. The Team One process he trains produced the
top F&I departments in the country and led the US and Canada in F&I
performance. As well as being the industry's most productive trainer,
George's direct, hard hitting, and sometimes hilarious presentation of
research, testing, program development and reality has become the favorite
of automobile industry. He has been a speaker at numerous automotive
events, including, most recently, the national F&I Management Conference
in Las Vegas. George’s background includes 17 years in retail automotive
management positions. He left retail in 1994 and was part of the
development team that created the concepts that popularized F&I Menus in
the early '90's. You may have seen his current series of articles in F&I
Management and Technology magazine. He is universally recognized as the
leading authority on F&I processes in the country. He is a consultant to the
leading F&I product corporations as well as automobile manufacturers. He
was educated at Davenport College, University of Michigan and numerous
industry trade schools. He now heads the Team One Group. George is
available for speaking and training engagements.
*national auto dealer Applied Research survey
George Angus
Learn from the most productive
F&I trainer in the industry.