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"Good Morning!
Just wanted to let you know I attended your training on
Tuesday. I saw 2 customers on Wednesday and used the
Package Option menu to present my products. It was extremely
easy! The first customer I converted from Cash to a Finance
Deal - and she purchased Extended Warranty as well as a full
chemical package. (rust, undercoat, paint & fab). The second
customer was a captive finance customer - who chose the
"Standard" repayment option which included Life, GAP,
Extended Warranty - and in addition to that - chose my Equity
Protection Pkg 2 - which was the rust, undercoat, paint &
leather. Total Gross Generated in the Business Office for those
2 deals was approx $8000.00. Today, I saw another customer
who purchased through the Package Option Menu the
"standard" repayment option, which included Life, GAP,
Extended Warranty, as well purchased the equity protection
pkg 1 - which included Rust, Undercoat, Paint, Leather, Tint,
and Key Fob!  Total Gross generated in the business office for
this deal is approx. $3000.00. I've done 3 deals since the
training, and have generated over $11,000 in Business Office
Gross! Holy Cow!   
Thanks again!"
Alyssa Brownlee Business Manager
Rick McCall Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.
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