In response to requests from some of the very best F&I agents and product providers, Team One Research and Training has developed an
exciting program for a small number of selected agencies to provide the best F&I training in the country to their dealer clients at a cost that
makes sense.
Training is expensive, but you know that your dealers expect you to provide the best training available as part of your service as a product
provider. The cost of a full time training specialist is hard to justify. Your field agents should be doing what they do best, bringing on new
business, not training.
We have the answer for you.
If you have been reading F&I Management and Technology or Automotive News you have read articles and interviews with our training
specialist, George Angus. In a recent survey by Applied Research, dealers rated George as “Best Training Value” and “Best F&I Training
Program”, nationally. If you have attended our training or heard George speak, you know why.  He is, simply stated, the most productive F&I
trainer in the country. Results are what you and your dealer want, and George gets results.
Features of the new program are:
  One fee for all of your training. $1000 per month. Put it on your credit card if you want.
No Long Term Commitment. You stay on the program for as long as it does what you expect it to do. No agreements to sign, you just
stay on as long as you like the results. (You’re looking at the agreement).
Customized Training For Your Products. We know how to maximize penetrations on different types of products and we gear your
training to sell what you, and your dealer clients, want to be sold. We design our training to train what you want to be trained. Team One does
not sell any F&I products. We are a research and training company, only.
Free, Quarterly F&I Training Seminars. We have two levels of training seminars, basic and advanced. George will come to your
location and conduct these seminars every quarter. (All it costs you is a coach ticket from Phoenix and a room for George. All materials are
 Free Online Training Course For Your Clients. We have F&I Managers enrolling in our online training every day from all across the
US and Canada, (even Australia) for $199. We provide it to your clients for free. You just send us their email address and we do the rest.
Your Menu Or Ours. Anyone who was around in the early ‘90’s knows that Team One/Summit Systems introduced the whole concept of
F&I Menus to the industry. We know how to make them work. If you have a menu, we’ll train your clients to maximize their results and sell more
of your products. If you want, we’ll provide the best performing, Package Option™ Menu and free Excel© based software at no extra charge.
Ongoing Training Resources. We will provide all of your clients complete access to our support system. Do you have a nationally
recognized expert F&I trainer to answer questions from F&I managers at 9 at night or on Sunday afternoon?  We do. We provide a toll free hot
line for questions, help, assistance, (or even if one of your F&I managers just needs someone to talk to), every day, all day. No charge to you.
 Marketing Assistance and Referrals. We send out approximately 16,000 emails to the dealer body every week. Our website gets
over 400 hits per day. George is featured in F&I Management and Technology or Automotive News almost every month. Whenever we receive
a contact from your region, as one of our training partners, they will be referred to you and we will contact you to follow up these leads. If they’re
contacting us, they just might be looking for help from you.
Market Advantage. Adding this training to your portfolio of services gives you a significant advantage that no one else in your market
can offer.

Interested? Obviously, the number of agencies that we can provide this level of service to will be limited. There are also limited geographical
regions for exclusivity.

George Angus will be personally interviewing and selecting the agencies for this service.
Give him a call at
602-501-1165 or email him at for questions or details.

Don’t miss this special opportunity and market advantage. Call George today!

In Dealership and Private Training
Starting at $3500.00 (two day session)

Bring America's highest dealer rated F&I Trainer, George Angus, to your market. Includes everything you need to conduct your
own private event. Call George for details at 602-501-1165
Provide the most productive F&I training
in your market.
If you could hire America’s Top Dealer
Rated F&I Trainer for $1000 a month,
would you do it?
Well, now you can!
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