Supercharge Your F&I
Performance In Just Two Days!
Bring America's #1 F&I Training Program, F&I Process, and
F&I Trainer to your location for two days and you can
immediately join the top F&I performers in the country.
F&I Training Program

As the current market presents it's challenges, Summit Group and
Team One have received a huge number of requests from dealers
in regard to F&I performance.
It is clear that F&I income is critical to the dealers financial
Dealers hear of dealerships similar to theirs producing impressive
F&I  numbers and want to know how they are doing it.
To meet this need, we have revived the in dealership program
conducted by George Angus that produced those top F&I
The sure answer to becoming a top F&I performer is the two day
program conducted by George Angus of Team One Group.
Last year *92 of the top 100 F&I departments in the country were the product of
George’s training. (The next closest  process produced two). An overwhelming
majority of the top *500 F&I performers in the US were the product of George’s in
dealership training
.*Applied Research National Auto Dealers Survey, rights reserved.

Since 1993, George Angus has trained and produced America's
top performing F&I managers. As the trainer for the Summit Group
and Team One Research and Training, George was part of the
process development team that brought the concept of F&I menus
to the marketplace in the early 1990’s.

Through constant research, process development, and working
with those top performers, George brings a depth of knowledge
and expertise that has in the past had the automotive press
describe him as an “F&I Guru” or “The Father of F&I Menus”.

Virtually every F&I menu trainer and training program in the country
were introduced to the basics of F&I menu science by George at
one time or another. However, those early menus were only the
beginning. Through research, testing, and process development,
we have advanced the F&I presentation process from the old style
4 column menus and software being sold today to the most
effective F&I process ever produced. This copyright and trademark
protected program is only available from Team One.

George has asked that all inquiries about the program and all date
commitments go directly to him.
You can reach George directly at 1-800-928-1923, Extension 10 or
by email at
Results, not promises.
The results you will get from this two day program are:
-  Immediate increases in F&I income and
product penetrations
- The top performing F&I process in the
- Free Windows™ based software,
customized for your dealership and products,
to print the presentation documents
(We will install and customize the software and leave you
a DVD for further use. There are no monthly fees)
- Hands on training from America's’s highest
dealer rated F&I trainer,
George Angus
- Full Compliance Certification

Two Day Schedule

The suggested schedule for the two day program is below;
however, this schedule can be modified to meet your
scheduling requirements.
Day One
8-8:30 AM Sales Meeting- George will give a brief
explanation of the process to the sales department and
give them the best suggestions to make the process as
productive as possible.

9AM-3PM- Training class for F&I managers and any
dealership personnel you desire.
3PM -6PM- Individual training with F&I managers.
Day Two
9 AM-Noon- Advanced Techniques and performance
1PM to 5PM- Individual skills training with F&I managers

What Does It Cost?

The limited time price to bring George to your
location for this program is $3500 plus coach airfare
for one from Phoenix, AZ to your location and a hotel
room for two nights.
The total is usually around $4000. You can make that up
on your first few deals using this amazing process.
If you are interested, you should act quickly as available
dates will fill up fast.
George has asked that all inquiries about the program and
all date commitments go directly to him.
You can reach George directly at 1-800-928-1923,
Extension10 or by email at